Why Yellow Cats Hate To Blog

Local SEO Blogging

Most Yellow Cats hate to blog. Why can't we just have the marketing like the old days! Get listed in the Yellow Pages. Advertise in the services section of the newspaper. And if you really want to go all out, fork out some extra bucks for an enhanced listing in the Yellow Pages, quarter page to full page ads. These are not cheap mind you but they must've worked because you wouldn't pay for something unless you got results. Right? Wow - already off subject. But in a really whiny voice say - "But whyyyy - why do I have to blog?"

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It's really mind-googling


There's so much to get your arms around relative to Google, I've come up with a new description. It's mind-googling. Every Yellow Cat knows the importance of showing up in the search engines and specifically of showing up in Google. And quite honestly, most of these small businesses think that if they just get the keywords right in their website, that's all they have to do. Nothing could be further from the truth.

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The Humbling Plight of Godaddy


There is nothing more humbling than being really excited about an idea you have only to discover that 15 other people before you have had the same idea.

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Adding a Twitter Account


Added a Twitter Account... Most Yellow Cats scratch their head when it comes to Twitter. (A Yellow Cat is a person who owns a business that traditionally advertises in the Yellow pages). Trust us, just set up a Twitter account. Worry about why later.

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50 Bubbles Launch

Local SEO Progress

Remember Herman Cain? It wasn't that long ago that the press completely destroyed this guy...but what made him famous was his 9-9-9 plan. Lesson - make it easy to understand. Keep it simple. The message will resonate.

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