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Integrated Blogging

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I know you've heard it - Blog to rank. Content is king. Rank on the first page or forget it. Well, forget all that for a second. Ask yourself, if I blog - how is my blog going to reach my intended audience? I'd like to flip that blogging for SEO strategy on it's head for a minute. I'm not saying that blogging won't get you SEO traffic, it will BUT, if your intent is for your information to get in front of as many people interested in your products and services as possible then there is a better way to use your blog. Don't assume that everyone is going to find your website. Worse, your current clients may not ever see it. This concept may change the way you blog, why you blog. It may even make you actually WANT to blog.

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Website and the Sales Process - Content Marketing

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Our definition of selling:
Selling is the process of converting a prospect who needs your products and services into a customer.
If you consider your website to be an extension of your selling process, a blog should be considered the hub of your online marketing process. This will help you understand the role of the blog. We have a very simple definition of marketing:

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Local Search Advertising Trends

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Infographic by Advice Local. Google and Facebook dominant. Mobile dominates all other platforms.

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SEO Worst Practices

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This is NOT black-hat SEO. You may see some results, but your SEO company may not be doing you any favors. Some SEO practices are designed to keep you on-the-hook. When you stop using their services, your results go right out the window! What?

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Hey Dad! You're on Google!

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You know, it's kind of scary. And Dad, that plant looks awesome! I'm not sure how much we really want Google in our personal lives. Checking out Google MAPS for my parents and there's my dad! It makes you wonder...

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Three Reasons To Clone Your Website

in Web Design Web Development Website Management

Why Clone Your Website? Because what's on the back-end might be a dog. There are a number of reasons you might consider upgrading your site without going though a complete redesign.

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Doing Adwords Wrong

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In 1920, John Wanamaker is famous for having made the statement: “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” John Wanamaker knew the value of marketing but no real way to track it. He just put it out there. If internet advertising had existed in the 1920s, he could have easily determined where he was losing money.

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Local SEO Checklist

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If you like lists, here's one to follow. Our local SEO audits show that less than 1% of businesses have completed this checklist. Their loss is your gain!

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The Website Upgrade Penalty

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It's a very common thing to want to do in the new year. Part of getting your business goals moving forward is to upgrade your website. There are many reasons to do this and even as I write this I'm considering doing the same for my own site. BUT BEWARE!

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Filtering Spambots for Local Businesses

in Google Analytics

Spambots are on the rise. We wrote about this a couple of months ago but recently we're seeing an unprecedented increase on many sites even AFTER setting the Google spambot filter. Here's how to eliminate 99% of the spambot activity.

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