What the heck is 50Bubbles?       

Google Ranking Bubbles
There is nothing more humbling than getting excited about an idea only to find out you're not the first to have it! I wanted my business to be called WEB IT originally. I even had a cute little logo - you guessed it - a frog (say webit really fast). Get it? Well someone else got it too. Cute little frog and all. So I went for obvious. Local SEO, Web SEO Services and on and on. At the time, while there weren't many websites associated with domains using those terms, someone was smart enough to at least own their domains.



So? 50Bubbles? Well, here's the concept. Let's say a Bubble is a keyword (a search phrase in Google). Google is the ocean. What do bubbles do? They rise to the top! OK, corny. At least I thought so. But - and this is a good business lesson - people approach my business with a question and they never seem to forget the name.

We makewebsites work

50Bubbles is a Local Search Engine Optimization Company
with excellent design capability.
We don't just build websites.
We make websites deliver results.

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Local SEO & Web Management Services

Google MAPS Ranking Optimization

Google places the top three MAPS results above organic results for many local searches. 50Bubbles knows how to improve a business Google MAPS ranking to greatly improve the changes of that business showing up in the top Google MAPS results.

Google Search (Organic Ranking)

Organic search results are driven by how Google reads and understands your content on your website and how valuable others find your content. Improving your organic search results depends upon the ability to improve the value of your website content.

Complete Website Editing Services

We deliver easy to edit websites with fully integrated content management solutions. Even so, most of our clients depend on us to edit their website. Requesting a web edit is as simple as sending us an email. Response rate for requests is usually within one business day.

Website Hosting and IT Services

We treat your website with extreme care. That includes daily offsite backups, major backups, security updates and business class email services