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WE CAN BE YOUR WEBMASTER: YOU know what you want, WE know how to make it happen. A website is never "done" and 50Bubbles has answered the need of web management services beyond simple hosting (for the cost of what many charge for simple hosting). 50Bubbles provides complete web master website management services including:



Hey? Can you Edit My Website Without Charging Me an Arm and a Leg?

The Short Answer is YES!

EDITs and Updates

Send us an email and we'll get it done. That said, 50Bubbles clients are offered FREE training to be able to edit / add / delete pages and content. And after providing websites for more than 10 years that did not require any programming, it may come as a shock that we are still asked to do the editing for our clients. It's not that you can't, if simply the fact that you don't have the time. But, we will still give you all the training you think you want.

CMS - D.I.Y. - Easy to Edit Websites

If you can edit a document in Microsoft Word, you can edit a 50Bubbles website. In fact, 50Bubbles websites are built on a Microsoft supported platform and if you remember the icon-based editors in Microsoft Word, you'll find yourself in very familiar territory. That doesn't mean you will! If you want to get it done and don't have the time to do it - we'll take care of it!


50Bubbles Hosting includes basic web management services. No more getting charged for simple updates. You send a simple email and we get it done. Most web hosts simply rent you the space. We take care of your site. Hosting includes daily offsite backups, Email support, website editing, website upgrades, security updates and training.


Adding website capability is a lot less expensive if there is already an application written to support your needs. There are 10's of Thousands of applications available on the 50Bubbles Platform. 50Bubbles is a licensed provider of some of the best applications available. You can save $thousands in custom programming and get a better, more robust solution.

Hosting Service Matters

We've been delivering and hosting websites for our clients for almost 15 years. 50Bubbles hosting is local (Ohio) because that matters to Google. Our hosting environment is state of the art web servers using fast SSD drives for speed and reliability because that matters to Google. Our hosting is supported by an IT Support team that understands BOTH the hardware AND the website applications because that matters to our clients.

50Bubbles hosting is more than simply providing server space for your website. Our hosting fees are competitive with what you'd normally pay for hosting BUT what is provided in our hosting services is SUBSTANTIALLY MORE than you'd typically get.

  • Daily offsite backups (rolling two weeks)
  • Major Backups for added security
  • Security updates for website
  • Security updates for web apps
  • Website change requests (edit / add / delete) pages, content and images
  • Business class email support (IMAP and POP3)
  • DNS management
  • Domain Management