Website Upgrades - Benefits Without The Pitfalls

One of the most common mistakes associated with upgrading a website is to ignore the preservation of links that are indexed in Google. An older site may look dated but Google does not judge aesthetics. What older sites lack in graphic design, they typically make up for in content. The last thing that a business owner wants to happen is for his website to drop out of site just because he upgraded!

The 50 Bubbles upgrades provides the following benefits:

  1. Website upgrades and conversions: Complete redesign option to upgrade graphics and business branding
  2. Preservation of existing links so old pages indexed by the search engines are found within the new site structure
  3. CMS: Addition of a content management system so the client can add / edit / delete pages without programming knowledge
  4. Addition of plug and play applications to the website platform (for example: forms, lead nurturing tools, blogs and social media integration)
  5. Website clones: Complete website cloning capability for clients who want to preserve existing site look and feel but add content management and plug and play capabilities.
  6. Maintain all on-site optimization that may have been accomplished
  7. Add additional search engine optimization capabilities not available to the original site
  8. Add a completely integrated blogging system
  9. Add a site index that drives search engines spiders crazy (in a good way)
  10. Add Mobile site capability not available in the original site