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Google Business Listings - Optimization and Management

The Google Business Listings are probably the most important result on a Google search for small local businesses. This is where Google visitors will find your phone number, business information, business location and customer reviews. 50Bubbles is dedicating this space on our website to everything related to your Google Business Listings. You can subscribe to this page via the RSS feed or a direct subscription to make sure you keep up to date on the latest Google updates and changes. We also tell you some things Google will not... like how to rank higher in the Google Business Listings. Check back often or better yet, subscribe!

Advanced Linking Strategies - GMB Optimization

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Links are still the primary way of improving rank however how links are generated have become a lot more subtle. With Google My Business, location links are embedded in images, reviews and personal maps. Each of the links is an optimization opportunity. Today I asked my BNI group to create a link for one of the businesses in our group. The idea is that via a distribution of people across various locations, we can improve the Google MAPS position of this one business. The current position is 8 for "Auto Detailing Dayton Ohio". Track this blog to see how we do.

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Google My Business Phone Number

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The process for getting in touch with Google has changed so this blog has been updated. There is no longer a direct number to call however you can get Google to call you and it usually happens pretty quickly. Here are the steps:

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Directory Submissions Performance

One of the greatest ways to affect your Google Business Listings visibility is by submitting your business profile to other business directories across the web. Doing this alone can make the difference on Google between a business with decent visiblity and one that never seems to show up. I just wanted to post this chart because in this instance, this is all that we did. There was no other optimization services provided. It wasn't even one of our websites.

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Is Your Website Traffic Declining? Google May Be The Reason

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So you've taken a look at your Google Analytics website traffic and it has flat-lined or worse, it has actually started to dive. You're year over year results are showing that you had more traffic last year than you did this year. This might not all be bad news but you'll need to look beyond Google Analytics to figure out what is happening.

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Google Soliciting YOUR Customers For Reviews

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Google wants to make sure that your reviews accurately reflect the sentiment of the marketplace. Recently they have stated in their terms that businesses are not to use any review process that moderates the reviews that get submitted. How Google will catch a business using this practice (called 'review gating") is questionable but here is one way Google is approaching the problem.

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Create A Dedicated Gmail Account - Primary Owner

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The first thing we recommend BEFORE jumping in and setting up your Google business listing is to setup a Gmail account that you'll use to access your Google business listing. In fact, we recommend you use this one account as a hub for all of your business and website activity. Every one of our clients starts off like this.

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Setting Up A New Business On Google

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This article is for businesses that are not already on Google MAPS. If you're not sure, you can start here.

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Setting Up and Claiming Your Google My Business Listing

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Setting up your Google My Business Listing is a fairly easy process. Just doing this COMPLETELY will put you ahead of most small businesses who give this very little thought. Given that your position in the Google Business Listings is so important, here are some helpful hints along with where you should start the process. Even if you already have an existing Google My Business page setup, you may find this information useful.

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