Your Loss Leader Is Your Best Landing Page Strategy

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I don't know how you started your collection but mine started with the incredible how-could-anybody-pass-up-this-offer from Columbia House Records. The deal is NOT why Columbia House Records went bankrupt, that's another story. But how Columbia House made money with a deal like this is a lesson for every business and an excellent strategy for landing page design.

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Local Search Advertising Trends

in Local SEO Marketing Internet Marketing

Infographic by Advice Local. Google and Facebook dominant. Mobile dominates all other platforms.

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What Pinball Can Teach You About Business

in Marketing Small Business

Pinball seems lost on the younger set mostly because of the instantaneous access to handheld Nintendo’s and home video games. But to many of us pinball is nostalgic retreat. I saw pinball evolve from those old wooden machines with a few bumpers to some pretty amazing stuff. No joke, I have played pinball at least 10 thousand times. Most of that was with friends in college every day after classes. We had a pinball machine in the dorm. If you play pinball, my favorite was Black Knight, one of the best multi-ball machines to have ever existed.

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Help Before I Swear - Damnit!

in Marketing Support

Pretty soon, computer dating will be two computers having coffee togother - minus the people. Who needs people? We've all fallen for this and pretty soon the machine will leave us all behind. Except: you need people to buy stuff.

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Blogging For Bubba

in Marketing Blogging

I visited a company years ago for a marketing class field trip. I can't remember the name of the company, but I never forgot Bubba. Imagine a morning meeting and all they did was talk about Bubba. This company lived for Bubba.

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