Dear Google, Happy Easter!

in Google SERPS

Dear Google, I know in the age of political correctness you've taken the position of non-partisan, non-religious, non-white to the point where your absence may appear to be contempt for the very people you need in order to keep your business thriving.

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If I Were a Search Engine

in Pay Per Click SEO SERPS

We know Google’s algorithm changes daily. Some insist that the reason is so no-one becomes complacent with their rankings. A well run business demands a predictable environment. However, an excellent business in today’s market must also know how to deal with change. Google is part of that changing landscape. By maintaining a modest pay-per-click account, any business can hedge their bets against the less than predictable changes in the Google landscape. But let’s give Google the benefit of the doubt and assume that their changes are evolving to a more quality driven search.

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