50Bubbles Listed In Top 10 Ohio SEO Companies

in Local SEO Web Development Digital marketing

DesignRush has listed 50Bubbles among top 10 SEO Agencies in Ohio. DesignRush is a B2B Marketplace for Finding Agencies. We're happy to be recognized.

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Don't Be Evil - Google's Pursuit of Profit

in Google Adwords Digital marketing

"Don't Be Evil" was Google's motto until 2015. Then they removed it. What has happened to Google? Probably the best argument for the changes is simply to increase profits. Google went public in 2004. If you had invested $30,000 in Google then, you'd be close to a millionaire today! It wouldn't seem so evil had you invested in Google when they went public. I guess evil is in the eye of the beholder! But still - they did dump the motto - sadly.

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Creative Use Of RSS - Keeping In Touch With Your Customers

in Blogging RSS

RSS has been around almost as long as the internet. Most small businesses owners don't use it. Many using RSS have found it useful to scan blogs and news content they like to read and have that content flow into their email. That's OK but these days, most news services have you signup on the site and you'll end up with a daily summary of the news in your inbox anyway. So has RSS become obsolete? HARDLY! Beyond the fact that most people don't even know what it is, even fewer know how to use it in a very practical situation. I'm going to change that!

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Advertising in the Age of Privacy Concerns

in Internet Marketing Internet Advertising

Like everything else, the internet is a double edged sword and honestly I think the big tech companies have opened a can of worms that is their own fault. As internet users concerned with privacy begin to fight back, the small business using the two biggest players in this market get hurt in the crossfire.

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The Allure of the Domain

in Website Management Domains

Admit it, you own a ton of domains and you've got 2 websites. Oh... I wish I were GoDaddy! Beyond the practical reasons for buying and owning a domain, we entrepreneurs and business owners buy domains not for what they are, but for what they could be!

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HUGE Productivity Booster - Get Your Email Under Control

in Business Management

You've seen those shows about hoarding right? Well, more people have this issue than are afraid to admit. Don't believe me? Check your inbox!

Here's how I got control of my INBOX and as a result increased my productivity dramatically.

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Local Marketing in 2020

in Local SEO Internet Marketing Interactive Marketing Marketing Automation Digital marketing

Happy New Year! Here's what to expect this year from Google and others relative to local marketing trends.

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Lagging Behind Your Competition?

in Local SEO Google My Business GMB

It's hard to know how you're doing relative to your competition. You probably have a pretty good idea where you rank in Google generally speaking but how does your business compare against industry average? A recent local business study looked at 11,000 businesses. Personally I think you need to aspire to way better than average but at least this will give you a relative benchmark to determine how you're business is doing.

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STOP Embedded YouTube Videos From Showing Suggested Videos At The End

in YouTube

When you play in Google's sandbox, you have to play by their rules. One of the biggest complaints I get from clients is the suggestions at the end of the video are either not relevant or worse, they are competitive videos. Here's an easy way to prevent your embedded videos from showing suggested videos at the end.

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Top Five Local SEO Tactics Anybody Can Do

I hear it all the time. What can I do? To that, my answer is almost always the same. SEO is not hard. It can be tedious at times but if you're diligent, a little can go a long way. Here are the top SEO things anybody can do and if you do these religiously, you'll beat most of your competition. You'll probably beat the other SEO gurus too... shhhh!

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