Top Five Local SEO Tactics Anybody Can Do


I hear it all the time. What can I do? To that, my answer is almost always the same. SEO is not hard. It can be tedious at times but if you're diligent, a little can go a long way. Here are the top SEO things anybody can do and if you do these religiously, you'll beat most of your competition. You'll probably beat the other SEO gurus too... shhhh!

TOP 5 Ways to Optimize Your Google Visibility.

This assumes you've got the basics done. 

  • You have a website
  • You have a Google My Business Listing
  • You have Google Analytics setup

Do the following things religiously and you stand a good chance of increasing your visibility on BOTH Google Business listings (you need to be in the top three) and Google organic search results. Whenever you interact with your website, your Google My Business Listing and for that matter, Facebook and other social media, you need your SEO cap on your head with the propeller spinning.

  1. Reply to all reviews using your keywords people would use to find your products and services (use variations of your keywords and keep your responses natural sounding. You don't want your responses sounding like an SEO-bot.
  2. Add a new GMB post at least weekly and again focus on having a decent picture and relevant keywords. 
    1. POWER TIP: Use a picture you took at work using your phone so that even without trying you've told Google where you are (mobile phone pictures are geo-tagged with your location automatically)
  3. Include ALL categories relevant to your business in your GMB listing
  4. Update the services section - break it down to individual services and go long - your propeller is really spinning now!
  5. Update the Title, Description and Keyword tags on your site... Title being the most important. If your site doesn't have easy access to these features, you may need some help here. (We're a phone call away... 937-471-6277).

Do these five things consistently and if I had to add one thing to grow on - BLOG!!! From a local content standpoint, name a blog title with keywords and then writing about that subject flat out works. I did this blog a while ago... just to prove that it works---> SEO AGENCY DAYTON OHIO (note also that this hyperlink tells Google that I should rank for "SEO Agency Dayton Ohio" (spoiler alert: 50Bubbles is top Google Business Listing and Top Google Organic Listing for that search).