Creative Use Of RSS - Keeping In Touch With Your Customers

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RSS has been around almost as long as the internet. Most small businesses owners don't use it. Many using RSS have found it useful to scan blogs and news content they like to read and have that content flow into their email. That's OK but these days, most news services have you signup on the site and you'll end up with a daily summary of the news in your inbox anyway. So has RSS become obsolete? HARDLY! Beyond the fact that most people don't even know what it is, even fewer know how to use it in a very practical situation. I'm going to change that!

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Blog First - Then Post

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If your social media bears the fruit then your RSS should be the root. Hey! I just made that up! If you haven't read my last three or four blogs you might consider it. Those blogs got me on the first page of Google with very little effort. They show what I wanted to rank for and how. That's not to say it was easy, there's a bit of planning on the front end that allows this to happen over and over again.

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There's Already A Mobile App for That!

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I have several clients that want to have a mobile app for their clients. In every case so far, the APP development can be circumvented by showing the client (and his clients) how to use a simple feature accessible to everyone with a smart phone.

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