Responsive Web Designer - When You Need More

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Very often we let our web developer handle the conversion of a website to its mobile-friendly counterpart but sometimes that isn't enough. There are some considerations that may affect how your responsive website looks and that is best handled by the website designer before the project is handed off to the development team.

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The Google Mobile Penalty - Don't Blame Google!

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Google didn't create the need for mobile design - but they are responding to it and they're telling you that you need to as well. It really is time to take personal ownership of every touch-point that comes between your prospects and your business. The days of set-it-and-forget-it advertising are gone. If you yearn for the days when your ad was placed in the Yellow Pages and it looked like every other ad for the same business category and you sat back and answered the phone - then you might as well ride that dinosaur into the're finished anyway.

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The Top 5 Website Requirements for 2014

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Technology is moving at a very rapid pace and many website owners are finding they are behind the times. Here are our top five website requirements that every website must have to meet today's consumer standards:

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Responsive VS. Mobile Sites - PART II

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OK, I might change my mind on responsive sites. Here's why...

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Responsive vs Mobile Sites

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Over the last year or so, a new wave of web design strategies has hit the market with the specific intent to afford the rising mobile browser / smart phone accessibility to the website. Unless your business has taken advantage of this technology, the tiny screen on a smart phone will render your website the functional equivalent of an unreadable thumbnail version of your site. You can pinch and poke to read the site, but most people will find that to be too cumbersome.

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