Responsive VS. Mobile Sites - PART II

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OK, I might change my mind on responsive sites. Here's why...

Phones are getting bigger and tablets are getting smaller. PC's are becoming mobile and mobile is becomine PC. Pretty soon it won't matter if you're on Windows, Android, Chrome, or IOS. I'm writing this blog on a Google Nexus 7 Tablet with a bluetooth keyboard. The point is that the as the choices grow, the flexibility of your website must follow.

I've come to the conclusion that Mobile Site versus Responsive site is not an either or's BOTH! Your website should be able to respond to the format of the device viewing it. If you can anticipate the times when that device is a phone, a mobile site makes sense but with the option to view the full version. The full version should be responsive. The mobile version should represent the minimum about of information you need to provide the visitor to know if he/she should contact you and how they should do that.

So in the future, our sites will be built with the option including both responsive and mobile versions. 'nuff said!