Chromecast vs. Roku vs. AppleTV vs. Everything else

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I decided to venture outside my usual blogging sphere and discuss Google Chromecast. I have a SmartTV in my living room and even so, I have connected to it a DVD player, a ROKU box and a Chromecast. And they all have specific uses not served by the other devices. I guess we still have not met the world where everything converges into a single device.

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Predicting Search Trends and Understanding Google's Vision

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Search, as you know it, will diminish. traffic will begin to decline. Cable content providers like TWC will start to decline as internet content takes over. Here’s how to take advantage of these trends now. I’m not predicting the demise of Google, far from it! Search will find you… you won’t have to search SEO will still be a necessity (it doesn’t matter how the search is conducted…it just matters that you show up in the search). Here’s how Google will thrive!

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Google Way Ahead Of The Curve - Cloud Computing

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I gotta go look at this thing! I spend probably 8 hours plus a day in front of a computer and all of that time requires that I be online. It's rare that I'm doing something that is offline. Microsoft Office is now an occasional afterthought. In front of me while I work is a Google Nexus 7 Tablet with resolution higher than then human eye can see. And that's just the beginning of my desktop gadgetry...

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