Google Way Ahead Of The Curve - Cloud Computing

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I gotta go look at this thing! I spend probably 8 hours plus a day in front of a computer and all of that time requires that I be online. It's rare that I'm doing something that is offline. Microsoft Office is now an occasional afterthought. In front of me while I work is a Google Nexus 7 Tablet with resolution higher than then human eye can see. And that's just the beginning of my desktop gadgetry...

My Samsung S3 is cradled and charged - yeah I know, not bleeding edge but beautiful anyway. And by the way it can send video to my TV via some other Samsung thingamabob that receives a signal from the phone and shoots it to an HDMI port. I paid $50 for JetFlicks and can watch just about anything on cable without paying for cable (well, internet only). Sure beats $70 / month for cable!

If I don't want to stretch my neck, my Google Nexus tablet will play everything right in front of my all while I'm linking and optimizing my clients sites. I have the Nexus tablet sending bluetooth sound to a Schoche mini speaker. Amazing sound. With that, I also have the $35 device attached to my TV called Chromecast. I can teleport anything in my browser (chrome) and certain apps like Netflix and Pandora directly to my TV in wonderful HDMI. Whew.

I'm looking at three monitors all connected to one modest PC that pings all of my websites every five minutes and lets me multitask like you can't believe. This is a dream for anyone with A.D.D. That could describe me but it's a personality trait not an affliction.

Back to the Chromebook. Google is selling a Chromebook at Bestbuy for an ghastly $1,200. Chromebooks have traditionally been a $200 afterthought but this baby! I gotta get me one. The Google Chromebook, named Pixel (which I'm sure is a dig at Apple's Retina) seems to be one amazing piece of hardware AND nothing runs on it! As you already know, Chrome is a cloud based operating system. And from what I can tell from the reviews, people using this device are on Cloud 9! That's saying something. In a market where the top-end price is $400, Google has the audacity to toss in something that costs $1,200 plus! And the reviews coming in are solidly on Google's side. Almost nobody complains about the price.

Wow - This my be the leapfrogging hardware strategy that could topple the illustrious Apple. Cause it won't be Microsoft Surface. That ship has sailed. Meh... It won't be the dirt cheap but awesome in it's own right Kindle. I think it's gonna be who can cloud the best. And right now, Google is winning that war.