Three Reasons To Clone Your Website

in Web Design Web Development Website Management

Why Clone Your Website? Because what's on the back-end might be a dog. There are a number of reasons you might consider upgrading your site without going though a complete redesign.

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Doing Adwords Wrong

in Google Adwords

In 1920, John Wanamaker is famous for having made the statement: “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” John Wanamaker knew the value of marketing but no real way to track it. He just put it out there. If internet advertising had existed in the 1920s, he could have easily determined where he was losing money.

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Local SEO Checklist

in Local SEO

If you like lists, here's one to follow. Our local SEO audits show that less than 1% of businesses have completed this checklist. Their loss is your gain!

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The Website Upgrade Penalty

in SEO Web Design Web Development Website Management

It's a very common thing to want to do in the new year. Part of getting your business goals moving forward is to upgrade your website. There are many reasons to do this and even as I write this I'm considering doing the same for my own site. BUT BEWARE!

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Filtering Spambots for Local Businesses

in Google Analytics

Spambots are on the rise. We wrote about this a couple of months ago but recently we're seeing an unprecedented increase on many sites even AFTER setting the Google spambot filter. Here's how to eliminate 99% of the spambot activity.

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Should You be Selling a Product or a Service?

I'm having this conversation with an employee of a very large company. They sell access to a database of information. As an outside observer watching this company make the transition from U.S. call centers to a move overseas, it is clear that this company is shortsighted AND short changing it's employees.

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How You Search Changes Who Delivers The Results

in Local SEO Google

If you watch the latest Google commercials on TV, everyone is searching from their phones. They are actually typing in searches. That is soooo yesterday!

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The Changing Search Landscape

in Google

Google is still the dominant search engine by a fair margin but as the interactive landscape changes, so too will the search engine market. Do you know which search engine Apples persona relies on? You can probably guess who Cortana uses. You might be shocked to know that Yahoo! has a search deal with Google!

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Sustainable SEO - And Local SEO Practices to avoid

in Local SEO Google MAPS

If you've spent any amount of time focusing on SEO in the last 3 years or so, you've seen a number of changes that have completely changed the landscape. Your SEO company may be giving you results today but are those results going to last? Here are some things local SEO companies are doing that could ruin your ranking results down the road.

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HTML5 vs. Flash

in Website Management YouTube

No, this isn't an argument for or against HTML5 or Flash. Depending on which side of the fence you're sitting, that argument is over. HTML5 wins. Technical superiority is not what the discussion is about either. All you need to know as a small business is that Flash is out! In case you didn't realize it, it could already be affecting you.

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