Google Business Listings - Optimization and Management

The Google Business Listings are probably the most important result on a Google search for small local businesses. This is where Google visitors will find your phone number, business information, business location and customer reviews. 50Bubbles is dedicating this space on our website to everything related to your Google Business Listings. You can subscribe to this page via the RSS feed or a direct subscription to make sure you keep up to date on the latest Google updates and changes. We also tell you some things Google will not... like how to rank higher in the Google Business Listings. Check back often or better yet, subscribe!

Directory Submissions Performance


One of the greatest ways to affect your Google Business Listings visibility is by submitting your business profile to other business directories across the web. Doing this alone can make the difference on Google between a business with decent visiblity and one that never seems to show up. I just wanted to post this chart because in this instance, this is all that we did. There was no other optimization services provided. It wasn't even one of our websites.

This is a new business in Dayton. It is a home based business and the client is pretty good with web stuff frankly. He called us and asked if there was a way to improve his visibility on the web. The only hits he happened to be getting were because he has a very good domain name that includes probably the most common keywords for someone looking for his business (I'm reluctant to name the client without his permission).

We set him up with 50Bubbles Express -

Cost? $50 / month


1. Instant Business Insertion in popular business directories

2. Ranking report

3. Reputation Management (6 of his 7 reviews were added in the last three months)



If you are not at least covering the basic relative to your Google Business Listings... this is the place to start! It's very low cost and it works!


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