Is Paid Digital Marketing in your future?

Digital Ad CampaignIn our 15 years in business we have seen the ebb and flow of digital marketing from "free" organic placement, to Google MAPS and Google text ads. Google is a publicly traded company and "FREE" does not appeal to stock-holders. So the short answer to the above question is: If you want to grow beyond your word-of-mouth strategy and develop a sustainable business growth model, paid digital marketing is in your future. Don't be afraid of it! If you're ready to scale, digital marketing is a controllable marketing resource that you'll wish you had discovered years ago. So - onward!

Digital marketing goes well beyond paid text ads on Google. The fact is: the most expensive forms of advertising on Google and Facebook are often the easiest to access. Google Text Ads and Facebook posts can be huge money pits and often there are better options to consider.

With the right digital marketing strategy, you can dramatically increase the amount of traffic to your website and that traffic can be from a specified audience to a page on your site that speak to that audience (almost never the home page). Call 50Bubbles today and we'll set up a strategy that will get you seeing more traffic and talking to more customers than you ever thought possible. If you've never done digital marketing and even if you show up 1st organically, digital marketing can change your business very quickly. Are you ready? 

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Digital marketing is associated with advertising through internet channels including search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile apps. 50Bubbles offers a range of digital marketing services including search engine optimization, web design and development, lead generation and digital sales funnels and lead nurturing systems, paid search engine advertising (pay per click), display ads and re-targeting (lead tracking), local search optimization (Google MAPS optimization), Quite often, several of these services are integrated into a single campaign. Read on to discover the nuances of digital marketing services and how they can be integrated into one cohesive internet marketing strategy.

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Google Ads SUCK! Fix It With Retargeting!

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Check your Google Ads analytics. 96% of your traffic leaves without engaging. Not phone call, no email.

When a business has stalled or looking for a bump in growth, it is common for a business owner to jump to the easiest method of driving more traffic. Every time you Google, you see those ads and you see your competitors listed there. Are you about to jump on the band wagon and join what 90% of businesses in that ad space are doing wrong? Step back!

In the image here, I'm not picking on the particular ads - I'm just showing an example of the ads I'm talking about.

If you're thinking about doing Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords and generically referred to as pay-per-click); put your money back in your pocket, just for a second. Let's make sure you've got your bases covered.



Website Check

While the first mistake that pay per click advertisers make is to send ad clicks to the home page, lets ignore that for a second. Put your visitor's hat on for a second and check for the following.

  • Visual appeal - Be honest with yourself. If you have no design sense, get a professional opinion. Are the images clean and crisp? Do the images really match the content. Are they relevant? Do they tell a story? Consider doing this... print your page and block out all of the text and hand the print to someone who has never seen the page. Ask that person to tell you what you sell. You'll know intuitively the answer to this question.
  • The presence of video - Does your page have video content? Videos of the owners, of employees and of customers (testimonials) provide extremely credible content.
  • An offer - Free offers, discounts and offers for first time customers.
  • Testimonials - Are you presenting your client testimonials on the page. Your page is attempting to answer "Why we should be your choice". Testimonials explain the experience of others and why your business was their choice.
  • Awards and certificates that show your business standing in the community (BBB for example)
  • Brief description of services.
  • Local Signals - Contact information, Address and Phone number are prominent (top and bottom)
  • Calls to action: Contact Form (don't make me change pages!), Get a coupon or discount, Free Request (forms) etc. The visitor should not have to leave the page to respond to the offer.

Web Technology Check

If you are planning on paying to drive traffic to your website, you really should be able to track all of the current activity.

  • Google Analytics installed
  • Google Webmaster setup
  • Google My Business established
  • Google My Business profile completed 100% AND claimed
  • Directory Submissions completed and error free (Business name, address and phone numbers correct in all directories)
  • Ranking reports, Google My Business Reports, Review Tracking

OK! If you've gotten this far, you're ready for paid advertising. Oh... one more thing (I'm picturing Columbo about to leave the room, turning around with one last question).


Are you retargeting?

Even if you have most of the above website checks in place, you will discover this one sad fact. 96-98 percent of your traffic leaves your site without ever engaging! So, ask yourself: "Do I want to waste 96% of my advertising dollars on patrons to my website that leave without calling or emailing my business? With this apparent non-intent to buy, why would you pay for MORE traffic to just leave your site?



Your first paid advertising campaign should be a retargeting campaign.

You've seen this working. Every time you shop on Amazon, you start seeing some of the products you were searching for ON OTHER SITES. Retargeting is a method that simply drops a snippet of code on the visitors browser and when that visitors goes to other websites that have advertising, ads for your business are presented.

Effective retargeting can double and even triple the conversions from your website. For visitors that are kicking the tires, checking competitive sites and pricing or otherwise just not ready to buy, retargeting keeps your business front and center and helps make sure that when the decision to buy happens, the visitor has not forgotten you. Not only is this the best, first paid advertising campaign for your business, it offers the following benefits:

  1. Clicks in retargeting campaigns are cheaper than clicks on paid Google ads (sometimes MUCH cheaper).
  2. As 10's of thousands of ads for your business are viewed, your visual branding is dramatically improved. Nobody remembers a text ad!
  3. Retargeting campaigns can nurture leads in ways that Google ads can't. Ads can change dynamically over time, can be targeted to specific audiences and specific messages and can be run in multiples. Google frowns on running multiple Google Ad campaigns that drive traffic to the same URL.
  4. Distinct retargeting campaigns can be setup for each page of your website. Your retargeting ads should represent the specific niche product relative to the page the visitor has left.

If you have successfully established an effective retargeting campaign, ONLY THEN should you consider adding to your budget and doing some Google text ads!

Just after writing this article, I navigated to to see if my ad would show up. I was not disappointed!



You have a tremendous opportunity in the retargeting advertising space. This is one of the most valuable and under-utilized forms of advertising for small local businesses. In part this is because they are more difficult to setup. Don't just go for what looks easy! Yes, Google has made pay per click easy and painless - AND EXPENSIVE!

Call 50Bubbles today - 937-471-6277 - and we will help you execute one of the most effective paid online advertising campaigns you can do. Respond to this particular article by letting us know where you got the information and we will create a FREE Ad worth $500 just for talking to us. You can use that ad anywhere you like including your website, social media and of course your own retargeting campaign.

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