POP3 Email Settings

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Generally use IMAP settings for mobile devices and POP3 on local devices. (IMAP reads off the server, POP3 downloads from the server) Here are the settings for POP3: You should have one device using Pop3 for your account. This is how you archive your emails.

Username: Your FULL email address

Password: Your assigned email password (you can change this if you want - See How To Change My Email Password)

Incoming Mail Server: mail.yourdomain.com (e.g. mail.50bubbles.com)

Incoming Mail SSL (encryption): None

Incoming Mail Port #: 110

Outgoing Mail Server: mail.yourdomain.com (e.g. mail.50bubbles.com)

Outgoing Mail SSL: None

Outgoing Mail Port #: 587

Security: Outgoing Mail using same login credentials as incoming mail (username and password)

Other Settings: Set your client to remove emails after 7 days. If you're using Outlook, this is under advanced settings. This is your email backup! Don't expect emails to sit on the server forever. 

HINT: When combining POP3 and IMAP usage (for example you want to set up Outlook on your PC and Email on your phone) we recommend setting the email on your PC to leave a copy on the server for a week. That way, you'll still have access to your current emails even if your PC reads and downloads the emails from the server.