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Adding GMB Users

Adding users is a simple process. We recommend this as a way of giving a 3rd party access to be able to manage and optimize your Google My Business page. NEVER provide your direct login access and access to the primary ownership. Your Google My Business page is a digital business asset that should be owned and controlled by the business itself.

Providing ownership access (NOT primary ownership) is OK. This will allow access to page parameters beyond administrative functions and you have the option of removing that account. Only the primary owner can delete or share the primary account owner page. That should be the sole responsibility of someone trusted within the business that the page represents.

Here's how to add users who can access your Google My Business page:

1. Login to your GMB account and select USERS in the left hand menu.

2. Click the Add Users Icon in the popup.


3. Add 50Bubbles.places@gmail.com (or whatever email your service provider gives you as a user) and assign appropriate account ownership (owner or admin). Both are safe and you can remove either in the future.