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The market has been telling us for about a year now that the web device of choice is the phone. Did you listen? By our own measurements (Google Analytics), phone traffic on most websites has more than tripled in the last two years and in many cases exceeds the desktop traffic for those same websites.

Designing for Phones and Devices

Be Mobile Friendly - You have Been Warned!

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Google is actually warning website owners if their site does not appear mobile friendly. Just because you didn't get a warning doesn't mean you're OK. Having a responsive site today (spring 2015) may mean that you will enjoy a distinct ranking advantage in the months to come.

It's not often Google goes straight to the website owner with a warning that an algorithm change may affect their rankings. I don't expect many small business website owners will either get the warning or heed the warning. That is your opportunity.

Your Website is Not Mobile Friendly

Don't wait for the warning!

If you do not pay attention to your Google Webmaster tools account, you may never see a warning. Many, if not most website owners have not even signed up to use webmaster tools. That's a mistake, but I understand. In any case, the email account associated with your webmaster tools account will be how the warning is placed. But ultimately, you know if your site is not mobile friendly. All you have to do is browse to it on a smart phone. If you see a tiny thumbnail version of your site - you could be in trouble.

Becoming Mobile Friendly

Part of the reason Google is sending out this warning is that responsive web design is not something the typical website owner will know how to do. There is a process. There's redesign. There's testing. Your web designer should be able to help if they actually did the design of your original site. IF all they did was drop in a template and update the content, they may not know how to update your existing site. It's not unusual. In any case, you'll probably have to get a web developer involved. 50Bubbles has developed our own responsive design upgrades to handle this issue. Feel free to call us if you feel stuck. We can clone your site, leaving the look and feel in tact AND make it mobile friendly.