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The market has been telling us for about a year now that the web device of choice is the phone. Did you listen? By our own measurements (Google Analytics), phone traffic on most websites has more than tripled in the last two years and in many cases exceeds the desktop traffic for those same websites.

Designing for Phones and Devices

Responsive Design Does Not Mean Phone Friendly

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So now, you think you're out of hot water? Google says your site is mobile friendly? Just because you can read your site on your phone without pinching and tweaking it doesn't mean it's friendly. Let me put it this way (albeit extreme); if you were going to put War and Peace on a phone, would you just publish it the same way you did in hardback?

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Responsive vs. Mobile Website Design

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"Responsive" is one of those terms I usually have to explain. Responsive website technology has been around a long time... in fact much longer than most people think. Back when computer screens were a puny 640x480 (remember those original IBM PC's and compatibles?), it was not unusual for a web page to fill up the screen and adjust to the particular monitor resolution.

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Be Mobile Friendly - You have Been Warned!

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Google is actually warning website owners if their site does not appear mobile friendly. Just because you didn't get a warning doesn't mean you're OK. Having a responsive site today (spring 2015) may mean that you will enjoy a distinct ranking advantage in the months to come.

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