Adding features and capabilities to your website doesn't have to cost a lot. Further when you consider the lifecycle costs of websites, adding capabilities that are powered by external sources (widgets) that don't have to be coded into your website present a huge opportunity to reduce costs and increase the functionality of your website. We will also take a look at web development platforms. You probably know WordPress. The WordPress platform is the most popular website platform on the web but does that make it the right solution for your company? We will tackle this question and tell you why we don't recommend WordPress to our clients. So while we are looking for solutions that offer the best value, you should also understand that sometimes "FREE" has a cost.

Know Before Your Hosting Company If Your Website Is Down

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I recommend this to my clients... it holds me accountable! This FREE website service will check to see if your website is up and running. If you get a little bit more clever, you can check to make sure your mail server is working too. It will check your site every 10 minites or so and can email or text you a notification if for some reason your site is down.


The account is super simple to setup and you can check for two conditions:

1. The site is offline

2. When the site doesn't contain certain text

Use the first condition for general notifications of your website being offline. I use the 2nd condition to check my mail server. The mail server page will come up but if the server isn't running, you won't see the login message. So I tell DownNotifier to alert me when it doesn't see the login message - which basically is telling me that my mail server is stopped for some reason. For each notification, you can setup either an email or a text. If you want both, setup two notifications. NOTE: There is a charge for text "credits" currently at 0.15 per credit (in chunks of 100 credits for $15). 100 credits should last quite some time for a reliable service.


DownNotifier is good for 5 notifications and each one tests every 10 minutes. There are upgrades to the platform that will give you faster alerts and more accounts but for checking your website and email services, this is pretty good! And don't get on your web hosting company too bad if your site goes down before they notice. It is highly probably that if your site is down, so are many others and they have their hands full. But still - it's better that you know so you can respond to it. 

Alternative: SiteUptime - Website and Server Monitoring Service -