Adding features and capabilities to your website doesn't have to cost a lot. Further when you consider the lifecycle costs of websites, adding capabilities that are powered by external sources (widgets) that don't have to be coded into your website present a huge opportunity to reduce costs and increase the functionality of your website. We will also take a look at web development platforms. You probably know WordPress. The WordPress platform is the most popular website platform on the web but does that make it the right solution for your company? We will tackle this question and tell you why we don't recommend WordPress to our clients. So while we are looking for solutions that offer the best value, you should also understand that sometimes "FREE" has a cost.

Live Streaming Just Got Easier (and cheaper)

in Live Video Video

I'm promoting this software right now because it is such a deal. If you act on it, you'll get lifetime access to a Live Streaming platform for a low one time cost ($59). The monthly cost is $30 or higher for the same package you'll get lifetime access to.

Live Streaming is the new webinar and the opportunity to get out in front of your business prospects with live streaming is phenomenal. Think about it... you are your own TV station. You bring live, actionable content to those who need it in real time like no other platform on the planet. But how do you do this with any degree of professionalism? Hint... NOT by pointing your phone camera at yourself and talking into it : ). But with this software, it couldn't be simpler.

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