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Using Dropbox With a Small Hard Drive

in Dropbox Cloud Drives

Whenever I have an idea, I Google it! This is incredibly useful for situations where you use cloud drive services like Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, Box and several others. Spoiler alert: It only works on a PC.

Most of the cloud drive services keep a local copy on your hard drive. That might be OK on your desktop if you've got a huge hard drive but even some of these cloud drives can take up a gig of space. We use Dropbox because of the convenience of sharing files with our clients and there is a local copy on our servers. However, for the new laptops that come with a small SSD drive, adding a 1TB dropbox account would kill it.

Air Live Drive fixes this by creating a drive folder on your PC that allows you to interact with the Dropbox files as if they were on your PC. Your cloud drive is just another drive in File Explorer. You no longer have to clutter your hard drive with your Dropbox files but at the same time, you'll have access to them as if they were on your local hard drive. While Dropbox has "selective sync", you'll find the implementation of Air Live Drive a lot simpler for situations where you really don't want ANY of the dropbox files on your PC. The cloud becomes your hard drive and you PC is reserved for the super important stuff.


Cost: FREE 

Upgrades: Pro ($20)

If you have a PC laptop with limited hard drive space, this is a no-brainer.