Adding features and capabilities to your website doesn't have to cost a lot. Further when you consider the lifecycle costs of websites, adding capabilities that are powered by external sources (widgets) that don't have to be coded into your website present a huge opportunity to reduce costs and increase the functionality of your website. We will also take a look at web development platforms. You probably know WordPress. The WordPress platform is the most popular website platform on the web but does that make it the right solution for your company? We will tackle this question and tell you why we don't recommend WordPress to our clients. So while we are looking for solutions that offer the best value, you should also understand that sometimes "FREE" has a cost.

Free Software Sites


OK - I admit it! I'm addicted to free software. And while the amount of free software available on the web can take you down the road to complete distraction, it can also compromise the integrity of your computer system and tax your sanity. I tend to rely on free and discount software services to run the checks and make sure I'm getting reliable software. These website will introduce you to some of the most useful apps on the web and offer free and discounted prices. Some of the software programs I've downloaded from these sites have a permanent place on my harddrive and I use daily.

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