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50Bubbles web design service for small local business is focused on cost effective web sites that aren't just great looking. Our sites are designed with the goal of delivering results. Whether you need to upgrade your existing site or start with a fresh new design, we can accommodate your requirements with:




Mobile Web Design

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Mobile sites are not just cool anymore. They are an absolute necessity. More the 50% of your website traffic is coming from mobile devices and that's only going to increase. Look at it this way. You wouldn't buy a billboard on a street that has no traffic. But on a busy street that billboard is gold. Today's smart phone is the new billboard. Sadly, even when people are driving!

Phone Friendly Websites and Google

Google will favor a mobile friendly website over it's competitor. You may not realize it but Google has three search engines: The PC version, the mobile version and Google MAPS. All three will display different results for the same Google search. If you want to test your website, you can use Google's Mobile Friendly test. 

Mobile Web Design

50Bubbles has been building mobile friendly websites since the first iPhone hit the market. That was waaayyy back around 2007. Wow! That's really not that long ago when you think about it. However, the first websites we built were not using the fluid (responsive) designs that you see today. Our original designs were very text heavy. The website used software that could detect a phone presence and switched to a very simple website. That actually wasn't a bad way to go and even today many websites use that strategy. The downside to building a mobile website like that is that you are really supporting two different websites. Very often, the business owner would update his website and forget to update the mobile version as well. Today it's much simpler.


Responsive Web Design

Mobile websites today almost all use "responsive" web design. Responsive simply means that the content scales itself to the device. The text flows into a smaller screen size but remains readable, the images reduce in size and even the menu can change. You can even get more sophisticated and have conditional content - content that appears on the full version may not show up at all on the phone version. We all understand that when you're on a phone, you don't want to read as much.


Going Mobile Friendly

If you find that your website doesn't pass the Google Mobile Friendly Test or you find yourself pinching and tweaking to read your site while you're on a phone, it's probably time for an update! It could be time for a complete web redesign but that doesn't represent everyone. If you happen to like you're website, we can upgrade the site to a fully responsive version of your existing site and you can avoid the cost of a complete redesign. 50Bubbles web design services are reasonable anyway but we get it. Why spend money you don't have to. In any case, we can deliver a fully responsive mobile friendly web design. Your clients will appreciate it and your rank on Google may actually start improving!