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50Bubbles web design service for small local business is focused on cost effective web sites that aren't just great looking. Our sites are designed with the goal of delivering results. Whether you need to upgrade your existing site or start with a fresh new design, we can accommodate your requirements with:




Dayton Web Design

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I titled this page "Dayton Web Design" simply because that's the search term for which I'd like to rank.

Let's be honest: Why do you need a web site? Ok... rhetorical question. If your answer is NOT something like: "to attract more clients" you can skip this article. A 50Bubbles website is more than just a collection of pages on the web about your business. It is a platform to earn and attract new clients. Right now, you are actually reading a blog entry! That's because blogs are one of the best ways to develop search engine visibility. Here're are some of the key areas that make 50Bubbles website different than Joe Designer.

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Web Design Features For Small Business Websites

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Ask yourself... Do I need a website or do I need an internet marketing platform? Often, the website for small businesses is the only marketing tool utilized to generate leads. This is the market 50Bubbles is dedicated to helping. Of course you can expect the standard website features from any reputable web designer but those will not be the features that propel your website to the top of the search engines! Without some of these integrated internet marketing features offered by 50Bubbles web design, your website stands little chance of outranking your local competitors.

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Mobile Web Design

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Mobile sites are not just cool anymore. They are an absolute necessity. More the 50% of your website traffic is coming from mobile devices and that's only going to increase. Look at it this way. You wouldn't buy a billboard on a street that has no traffic. But on a busy street that billboard is gold. Today's smart phone is the new billboard. Sadly, even when people are driving!

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