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50Bubbles web design service for small local business is focused on cost effective web sites that aren't just great looking. Our sites are designed with the goal of delivering results. Whether you need to upgrade your existing site or start with a fresh new design, we can accommodate your requirements with:




Web Design Features For Small Business Websites

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Ask yourself... Do I need a website or do I need an internet marketing platform? Often, the website for small businesses is the only marketing tool utilized to generate leads. This is the market 50Bubbles is dedicated to helping. Of course you can expect the standard website features from any reputable web designer but those will not be the features that propel your website to the top of the search engines! Without some of these integrated internet marketing features offered by 50Bubbles web design, your website stands little chance of outranking your local competitors.

SEO Features

50Bubbles is dedicated to the search engine optimization of websites and web design. We have developed 50Bubbles Hyperblogging technology that allows our client to outrank their competitors. Our websites have the ability to support multiple niche blogs within the same website. This is not a feature easily supported by WordPress and is the main reason our sites will outrank a competitive WordPress website.


Lead Nurture, Lead Generation, Reputation Management

Here's a scenario that will help you understand the value of lead nurturing. A prospect comes to your website and fills out the information on your website form. The integrated internet marketing technology immediately sends that person an instant response AND in 3 days follows up with another email describing your business products features and benefits.


The same software can also be used to reach out to existing clients and request an online review on Google and other websites. If that client does not give you a good review, the software diverts that review and informs the business owner - preventing the review from appearing publicly on the web while allowing the business owner to work directly with the client who wanted to give a negative review. Can your website do this?


Responsive Web Design

Google will actually boost a websites search engine ranking if it has mobile friendly (responsive) design and another website in the same category does not. See our section concerning responsive web design.


CMS - Content Management System

The ability to edit your website easily is an absolute necessity. The days of "programming" a website are gone... especially for the typical small business website owner. That doesn't mean you don't need to edit your website, it simply means editing is done using intuitive tools that you are already familiar with. The CMS makes it easy to edit, add and delete pages. It will even update the navigation menus for you. Adding graphics, adding video and adding third party web applications is usually a matter of cut-n-paste from the originating site (e.g. YouTube) to your site via the editor.


Integrated Social Media

Most of the small business owners simply don't have time to spend on all the social media sites. At the same time, they know they are missing out on an opportunity. It's not just a matter of spending time but it's also in learning how and maintaining the dedicated presence necessary to keep social media sites active and your visitors involved. It's a lot to ask any lean and mean small business that very often doesn't have a dedicated marketing resource and more often than not has to rely on the office manager to do all the other stuff nobody has time to do.

WHAT IF all you had to do was ONE THING. We use integrated social media technology to connect website content to social media sites. (If you don't have these sites set up, we set them up for you). Let's assume, as an example, you had a blog called "specials". Wouldn't it be cool if you could enter your special into this section of the website and all of a sudden that same special shows up on Google+, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn? THAT'S integrated social media.


Plug & Play Website Applications

The cost of custom programming is beyond the reach of most small businesses. Unless there is a very unique requirement, custom programming is NOT recommended. The speed of change associated with websites and web applications could make a custom program a very costly addition to your website. Applications that are included with all 50Bubbles websites include Form Builders, Banners, Sliders, Rotators, Image Galleries, Blogging software, Content Editors. Certain business may need a shopping cart system and other features and these also are available at very low cost compared to custom programming. There are literally 1000's of available applications that serve most every requirement you can think of. It is rare that any business has a requirement that we can't handle by simply adding an available low cost third party application.

* ONE CAUTION about web site applications: Third party website applications are the single biggest reason why websites get hacked. This is especially true with WordPress websites. The applications developers must be thoroughly vetted to insure the utmost security. 50Bubbles works exclusively with three application developers for this reason. Our sites have never been hacked!