Best Free WiFi Hotspots in Dayton, Ohio

We're out with our clients all the time and having a fast reliable internet connection is important for a social business meeting. So we decided to check and report as we go to these different venues. Hope it helps!

To present consistent information, we use to check the wi-fi speed after we login to the venue's hotspot. We'll post the results directly from that test.

Panera - Wilmington Pike - WiFi

in Panera Kettering Wilmington Pike

Get a coffee and get your email. This is not your wifi hangout!

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Whole Foods - Centerville-WiFi

in Centerville Wholefoods

Nice coffee shop. Good, but expensive coffee (even more then Starbucks). WiFi? Well if your email is urgent you could probably print it out and walk it over to the person you intend to send it to! This is barely a place to try to get any real work done beyond checking and responding to email. Maybe that's the point or maybe that's why the coffee shop / dining area is fairly empty.

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Starbucks - 6252 Wilmington Pike - Dayton - Kettering

in Dayton Kettering Starbucks Bellbrook

If you're inclined to go to Panera for the wifi and not the food, skip it and head over to Starbucks. Wifi is WAY better and you won't get kicked off.

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Dorothy Lane Market - Springboro - OK Wifi - Great Space - 2-3 mbps

in Dorothy Lane Market Springboro

A grocery store might seem like an unlikely place to have a meeting but Dorothy Lane is no ordinary grocery store. Like everything else, the meeting lounge is just amazing. There are some short comings but still worth the experience.

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Starbucks Continues to Impress - University of Dayton - Over 12mbps

in Dayton Starbucks University of Dayton

If you logged into any StarBucks wifi, you've probably noticed the service is Google WiFi. I don't know exactly when this happened, but anywhere I see Google WiFi, I see good if not great WiFi service. This location is no exception.

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Panera - Kettering - Town and Country Shopping Plaza - 1Mbps

in Panera Kettering Town and Country

Just held a business meeting and as usual the internet connection is lack luster. Sufficient for email and basic browsing but don't plan on anything fast.

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Bob Evans WiFi - Woodman Dr. - Dayton - 1Mbps - Pathetic

in Dayton Bob Evans

I don't think I've ever found a decent WiFi Connection at Bob Evans. I'm also not particularly fond of the coffee. Not sure why I'm here!

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Panera - The Greene - Dayton Ohio - 2nd Visit - BETTER BUT NOT GREAT

in Dayton Panera The Greene

That's not a mistype! If Panera's policy of kicking you off after 30 minutes isn't enough, this will seal the deal. I'm convinced that Panera hotspots suck! Two things lead me to the conclusion. Update: May 2015 visit - much better access - still not great.

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Starbucks-Dayton Mall - 12-13 Mbps

in Dayton Mall Miamisburg Starbucks

Screaming Wi-Fi (for a public hotspot) but limited seating. Can get busy during peak hours. Limited access to outlets. Good place to camp with your PC, maybe not so good for a business meeting.

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Barnes & Noble - Dayton Mall - 4-7 Mbps

in Dayton Mall Miamisburg Barnes And Noble

Barnes and Noble is usually a good place to camp out with your laptop. It's quiet for the most part. People treat it like a library atmosphere although a little more noise tolerant. I'm not a big fan of this place for any kind of business meeting. Hotspot access and wifi speed is no problem at Barnes and Noble near the Dayton Mall but don't get caught without a full charge on your device.

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