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Stopping Dropbox From Automatically Syncing New Folders


Get on the support forums and one of the most common complaints is the inability to stop a new folder added to your Dropbox from being automatically synced on the various devices where you have included your Dropbox. We found this to be very frustrating as well and Dropbox support was not help. We have Dropbox on our website servers. We definitely don't want to clutter up those servers with a lot of files that we'll never use there and more importantly we don't want the servers using up real time downloading and syncing files unnecessarily. Dropbox offers selective sync however when you add a new folder to your dropbox, you must so to each account where you've enabled selective sync to un-select the newly added folder. This is a pain in the butt! It's not how you want it to work. This simple workaround will accomplish the task...

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