Why You Get Different Results On Google


Every SEO agency has them and I'm no exception. The incessant if not obsessive micro searcher. We all do it to some extent. So why are the reports that I deliver not consistent with what you're getting in your own search results? Well... It's not me - it's YOU!

Google recognizes search patterns and your recent search history will affect your search results even if you're not logged into Google. 

Here is an experiment you can try:

  1. In a private browser session (with no cookies), go to Google.com and just start typing "food " (with a space following). You should see some autocomplete suggestions such as "food near me".
  2. Now, erase it and type "allergies" and then press enter to search.
  3. In the search box, erase "allergies" and start typing "food " again (with a space following). Your autocomplete will now show a suggestion like "food allergies".

These are not simple matches. Google's aim is to understand searches and find relevant web pages. 

You don't need to be logged in to see this happening either (although Google would love that because then they know more about you personally). 

The point is, don't micro-manage your searches. If you do want to see a pure result, don't allow your browser to accept cookies. 

Search is personal. Search is local. And more and more search is becoming a unique, individual experience.