50 Bubbles Launch

in Local SEO Progress

Remember Herman Cain? It wasn't that long ago that the press completely destroyed this guy...but what made him famous was his 9-9-9 plan. Lesson - make it easy to understand. Keep it simple. The message will resonate.


The 50Bubbles concept is simple. Find the 50 best keywords for a given client and optimize around ALL 50. While most SEO firms work with a handful of keywords with clients, our process tracks and optimizes our clients web presence for the 50 most competitive keywords for a particular client. We call these keywords "bubbles". Over time we see our clients website "bubble up" with our aggressive approach.


We've been busy. We're not launching a new business. We've been honing in on our strategy for over a year now. But the results have been terrific. As we move through the launch phases, we'll be blogging about it. Not just so you know how we're doing but it will also give you some insight into what we do. We are applying the same principles that we practice with our clients. This blog will maintain a running history of everything we did to get 50 Bubbles on the map. It will be a good test. Right now, Google doesn't even know we exist! That doesn't mean we don't have clients. We do of course. They don't even know about 50 Bubbles but we have applied the principles to their sites and it's worked very well.