Adding a Twitter Account

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Added a Twitter Account... Most Yellow Cats scratch their head when it comes to Twitter. (A Yellow Cat is a person who owns a business that traditionally advertises in the Yellow pages). Trust us, just set up a Twitter account. Worry about why later.

Beyond just setting up an account, go ahead and do some following. 50Bubbles follows local SEO tweets and Dayton Ohio tweets. Generally, for a business account that supports a business, it's a good idea to follow tweets that might help you or your clients. We intend to keep our tweets relevant to 50Bubbles, local SEO and Dayton. If you want to tweet about what you're doing at the mall, you might consider a personal Twitter account. THAT's what most of my clients see and THAT's why they don't understand Twitter. I'm not much for that stuff either. I don't want to read someone's daily minutia and I definitely don't have time to tweet on a minute by minute basis.

We also added a gmail account that we'll use only for marketing purposes. We used this account to sign up for Twitter. We'll use it for all of our marketing efforts to prevent being deluged in our regular email accounts. We created this blog on Christmas day! We wanted tweet the blog updates. To automatically do this, we did a couple of things. None of this is required. It just makes things simpler down the road.

1. Set up a short domain at Godaddy. We now are the proud owners of a new baby domain called

2. Set up a account. allows you to shorten long links. Important in Twitter because you have limited characters. We then connected to this account we could personalize our links.

3.Set up a twitterfeed account to automagically update Twitter every time I post a new blog. Used my account to personalize the links.

4. While I was at it, I set up a Google Plus Page for and I am heading over to Facebook to do the same.