AI or Not - Google is a Dumb Robot

in Local SEO

Search engine placement is more about understanding the rules. You can outwit Google even on the simplest of searches just by being smarter than what ultimately is a dumb robot. Here's how you can out-rank competition for searches when you're farther away from the searcher than they are... optimize for "near me".

Optimizing for “near me” searches

So, what can you do to take advantage of “near me” today?

  1. Add “near me” to the title tags of your location pages or your contact page if that is your only location page
  2. Add “near me” and popular keyword variants to the text of these pages. Use optimization rules here too: H1 Header Tags, Bold Text, Alt Text, and in context.
  3. Add “near me” hyperlinks from other sites (like your Facebook and Twitter pages) to these same pages you're optimized
  4. Consider blogging about the near me phenomenon as it relates to your business. - A Hyperblog would be better. For example: let's say you're an HVAC company. You could blog about: "Why Choosing an HVAC Company Near Me is not necessarily a smart choice.