Be Your Own Tech Support And Lose Your Mind

in SEO Design Small Business

You might think that you are saving money by fixing your own computers or even doing your own search engine optimization. But let's take that concept a step further into reality...

Do you fix your own car when it breaks down? Do you clean the dryer vents. And the ultimate question...did you build your own website?

It is still not surprising to see many businesses with home-made logos, graphics and just plain poor web design. And most of these will never show up in the search engines. We all have our own niches. I talk to people about what I commonly refer to as the "Power Washing Theory".

For about a $100 you can go to Lowe's and by a reasonably effective power washer. It will have enough horsepower to remove mold and mildew and turn that deck back into the beautiful wood that it originally gleaned with. And now that you own the power washer, you can spend a wonderful Saturday afternoon power washing the deck, the sidewalk, your siding, the walkway and on and on. Go nuts!

And then you realize that you just gave up a beautiful day that you could have spent with the family. And on top of that, the job really wasn't as good as it could have been. But hey, it was free - right? WRONG! Nothing is free!

So, along those lines, go ahead and deal with the frustration of keeping up with Google algorithm changes. Build your own free website even. Here's a link! Have at it! Just remember this blog a year from now when your site is just sitting there. It might even look great. I'm sure you get the point. If you spend more than a few hours during the week on something that is not core to your level of expertise, then the cost is calculated in the time wasted AND the lack of results.