Conversations With Google - A Personal Experience With Google MAPS

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I was excited to see that Google offers phone support now for Google MAPS...that is until I called them.

It's my job to be able to follow the changes and upgrades in Google. I also tend to buffer the frustration of understanding Google. If you have time, and you have a sense of humor, try and call Google and ask some basic questions. Here's some of what I asked today for a specific client.

1. The URL has disappeared from my MAPS listing.

Answer: I see it's there now.

Response: Well, yes! I had to add it back in. Why did it disappear in the first place.

Answer: I don't know


2. You have no category suitable for my business: I am a bulk salt supplier for snow removal companies.

Answer: You'll have to choose something close. Just type "supplier" and use one of those listings.

Response: Let's see..."Security System, Mechanic, Mailbox, Promotional Products, Industrial Equipment, Telecommunications, Window, Solar Energy Equipment, Contact Lenses and Propane. NO SALT or anything close. Why can't I add a category that's not there.

Answer: We removed that capability.

Response: So I'm stuck. You've intentionally bugged up the system making it less flexible.

Answer: What you're calling a "bug" we refer to as a "feature". [NOT KIDDING, HE SAID THIS!]

Response: So relative to Adwords Express, since I can't define a category for my business, I can't even pay you for advertising.

Answer: No response other than platitudes...


3. Google MAPS shows a complete different set of results than Google Organic. I'm referring to the MAPS listings that show up in Google organic. This didn't used to happen.

Answer: I can't help you with Google Organic listings.

Response: I referring to the MAPS insertions in the Google organic listings. For the same keyword, should I get the same results as what I see on the Google MAPS page?

Answer: No response other than platitudes and he did venture into "Well, MAPS is free".

Response: Well, right now, I can't even pay you for advertising. And by the way, IE won't let you click to the Google+ page. from where I edit my listing in Google Places.

Answer: Download in install Chrome!


Google - what the heck is going on? It seems that you've lost your way. Your most exciting news is the Nexus 7! I don't need a Nexus 7. I just want a reliable search engine.