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Digital Marketing has become the general term for all services associated with internet based marketing services. I'm a little old school and only recently have been referring to the scope of what 50Bubbles offers as "Digital Marketing". If you check out my previous blog, you'll see a general overview of what we consider digital marketing services. Why am I writing this particular blog? Google Ranking of course!

Reference: Digital Marketing Dayton Ohio for more information about digital marketing. does very well on Google for specific digital marketing related services. In fact, in many cases we rank multiple times on the 1st page for a single search term. Here's an example:

Google: Local SEO Dayton Ohio and you'll see something like this (your results may vary : )

I have countless examples of searches like this but I won't belabor the point. Deep, rich content can get you ranking well and often and in many cases multiple times on the first page of a Google search.

Now, let's look at what is happening to "Digital Marketing Dayton Ohio". This was a particularly difficult term. I was a virtual no show (3 days ago). I still don't rank on the first page of Google but being my impatient self, I wanted to see where I did show up. My go-to place for checking these kind of results is Google Webmaster tools. If you have not connected Google Webmaster Tools to your site then you are missing out on a very good tool. Here's the data associated with the use of any keyword that contains the word "digital" and the impressions my site got. Notice the recent jump in impressions and the recent jump in position. (Currently ranking 17th organically).

PS: Internet Marketing Dayton Ohio is holding steady at 2nd organically. (See my blog titled Internet Marketing Dayton Ohio)

PPS: Also, relative to this blog: See Digital Marketing Dayton Ohio (climbing)