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Google Knows You're Lying!

in Google MAPS

Google MAPS allows you the opportunity to state your business service area by indicating zip codes or perhaps radius from the business' primary location. Many businesses will extend this range in an attempt to show up in searches that they would like to do business but really don't actually do a lot of business. Does the tactic of telling Google that your service area is bigger than it actually is in practice work?

Google probably knows you're are lying!

Let's consider a real world example. Let's say a person gets on Google looking for a plumber. We already know that if the searcher is in Dayton, Ohio, he is not likely to see results for plumbers in Chicago. The location of the search visitor impacts the search listings. What else about the visitor's behaviors could impact the search? How about the search visitors spending habits? Does he typically buy low cost or does he have a different sense of value. Does he choose based on a lot of reviews. Does he buy in the mid-range or top end? If the visitor has to travel to the plumber's office (buying parts perhaps), will the search results reflect answers that are in the visitors typical driving range?

And what about the plumber. Every Google Business page lets a business define his service area via zip codes or radius from business location. But nothing prevents a business from lying - maybe in an effort to extend his reach into the local markets where he does NOT typically service. I get this request all the time when editing my clients Google Business page. I get it... but does it really work? The plumber in Vandalia wants to reach customers in Springboro so he makes sure his Google Business page has it covered... and he may think that's all it takes. After all, it wasn't long ago that all you had to do was say it and Google would believe it. But not anymore... Google is a step ahead. What if that plumber has zero reviews from people in Springboro? What if the driving habits of that plumber and his employees never seem to make it quite that far south in the Dayton geography during the business hours indicated on the Google MAPS page. How likely is Google to show that plumber in a search result if the search visitor is in Springboro and the plumber has no history of servicing that area? In cases like this, don't expect miracles from your web designer or SEO specialist. Just saying or printing the words won't make it so.

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