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You can't rank for everything, but you can rank for anything!
Not too long ago, I showed you how I was going to rank for a keyword that I should have been ranking for and wasn't. Well, here we go again. I should be ranking on the first page for "Internet Marketing Dayton Ohio"... but I think I'm out around the 4th page. The problem was highlighted in my ranking report and a direct physical search. So, here's another SEO lesson. Stay with me for a month or so. This one might be a little tougher!

Internet Marketing Dayton Ohio... Worth the trouble?

Let's look at some basic keyword research first. After all, you need to make sure that the search term is used enough to matter. (also note the strategy I'm using here to use this very keyword in context to get the attention of the search engine spiders!)

I have a nifty little app on my Firefox browser call "keywords everywhere". That provides the basic keyword information I'll report here and then apply some basic common sense.


INTERNET MARKETING - the broad search term as a keyword?

The broad search term "Internet marketing" gets 9900 searches per month. Google charges $10.78 PER CLICK for an ad that is clicked as a result of that keyword search. But the broad search could be for anything. A business looking for my services would have to get more specific since most of the results are not returning the results that a potential small business client of mine would be looking for. In fact, the Google suggestions seem to favor someone looking for "how-to" strategies rather than internet marketing companies. So considering who we know our clients to be, the term internet marketing by itself is not good enough.


QUALIFY THE SEARCH TERM - "Internet Marketing" ... what?

What do you do if you don't get the results you're looking for? Very few people will navigate to the second page of Google. So me being on the 4th page is useless. Of course, we've already qualified the search term. We said "Internet Marketing Dayton Ohio". But what about some other terms. Here's the very basic search volumes:

Internet Marketing: 9900 / month

Internet Marketing Dayton Ohio: Not even on the radar

Internet Marketing Ohio: 10 / month

Internet Marketing Service: 2900 / month

Internet Marketing Company: 2400 / month

Internet Marketing Specialist: 260/ month

Internet Marketing Consultant: 1300 / month

Get the idea? If someone is looking for me, they are going to type consultant, or specialist, or company, or service (or the plural version of the same). They may then drill down to the location.


Internet Marketing Services Dayton Ohio - Location Based Optimization

So even though the keyword I'm tracking in my keyword report is "Internet Marketing Dayton Ohio", I think to cover my bases, I'm going to use "Internet Marketing Services Dayton Ohio". So, the first thing I did is edit the title of this blog to represent that keyword. So here's my list of localized keywords:

Internet Marketing Dayton Ohio:                    
12th on Google Maps, 36th Organic (ouch!)

Internet Marketing Ohio:                                  
Virtual No Show

Internet Marketing Service Dayton Ohio:       
2nd on Google Maps, 2nd Organic

Internet Marketing Company:                          
1st on Google Maps, 1st Organic

Internet Marketing Specialist:                          
(Virtual no show) also seemed to pull up a lot of job sites and posts - so probably not a good keyword to use)

Internet Marketing Consultant: 1300 / month

Assessment for the keyword "Internet Marketing Dayton Ohio"

It's not all bad. If you add the word "service" or "company" to the search term, I do very well in a Google search. So the task at hand is to improve the broad search. (the broad search always gets more searches). So, here's the plan.

  1. Updated categories in Business page - Add Marketing Agency and Marketing Consultant (I already have Internet Marketing Service and Web Development)
  2. Write my Google Business Posts in the next month all for Internet Marketing Dayton Ohio (If you haven't used this feature, you should be)
  3. Google has a web page built right into Google My Business - So I edited that and added the keyword (not sure if it helps... can't hurt). Here's the link to the page:
  4. Optimize THIS page for Internet Marketing Dayton Ohio (metatags and content)
  5. Link to this page from my home page
  6. Add some web citations and directories with a focus on promoting Internet Marketing
  7. Pray a little bit
  8. Come back after a month and see what happens.


Today's Date: 11/12/2017

Internet Marketing Dayton Ohio: 12th on Google Maps, 36th Organic
PS: after this, we're going after "Digital Marketing"