Is Web Design Enough?

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It may have been a while since you've updated your website and you're looking for a new web design. While your site is probably due for a fresh look and feel, you may need to consider more than web design. Your business probably needs a fresh internet strategy. Consider this...

1. 90-95 % of visitors leave your website without engaging. They don't call... they don't email. Do you have a strategy to deal with this?

2. Most small local businesses don't advertise on their own site. Some of you spend 1000's of Groupon for example and never think to put the exact same offer on your website that will net twice as much money for the exact same offer.

3. Most small local business websites have no lead generation strategy... unless lead generation is posting a phone number and praying. 

4. Most local businesses fail to use video effectively on their website... We admit, good video is not the easiest to come by but your site visitor will watch a video vs. reading content 10 to 1. Figure out how to increase video content on your site.

5. Most local businesses website forms ignore the value of auto-responders. Even if you don't have an advanced lead nurture program, most web forms software includes the ability to send the visitor a response and a thank you for filling out the form. Most small local businesses ignore this effective touch-point.

6. Most local small businesses forget the first rule of engagement when dealing with new prospects. Stop selling and start giving.

7. Most local small business don't integrate the website into their sales process. Marketing automation software can be a great help here. If a small business has an active sales force, the first contact after the autoresponder (that you forgot to send) is to assign your sales person to contact the individual directly. If you request a phone number on your form, calling is ALWAYS better than emailing a response.

8. Most small local business don't use their site to effectively nurture and track leads. Marketing automation is finally accessible to small businesses but it doesn't require some setup and training. Here's one example of what marketing automation can do: If the visitor spends 30 seconds on a given page, send him an article with more information.

9. Most small local businesses don't use any marketing automation software. See above. Your marketing automation software makes your website smart and active: not dumb and passive.

10. If you strip the logo, and business name from a website, most local small business websites can't be distinguished from their competition. Your content needs more thought including good sales copy. Paying a great copy writer can mean the difference between a site that sits there and one that delivers leads consistently.

11. Does your website reach beyond your direct audience? Social Media connections? Reaching beyond your website will become very important moving forward. Google Business Pages (MAPS pages) are already robbing your website of traffic. What are you doing on Google My Business to attract visitors beyond the Google front door to enter your website. Most small businesses are not doing anything!


THIS is a short list. Spend an half day with your web design team, your sales team, you employees and anyone else who has a say in your business and brainstorm the heck out of this. You need a web strategy - not simply a new web design! Make sure you have someone on your team that knows web applications. Your job is to ask questions. Your web strategist's job is to say "YES!" and to help you execute.