Professional Simplicity - Easy Graphic Design

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Sometimes you have neither the money nor the time to create prefessional looking web graphics. And for myself, I can't draw a stick figure. I can get by in Photoshop (Elements...) but no matter how much I try, the results still appear somewhat amateur-ish. Here's a great tip for anyone using Microsoft Office...thank you Hubspot.

I get the downloads from Hubspot all the time. I find them informative and helpful both to me and my clients. A recent download sent by hubspot though was not your usual e-book. It was a Powerpoint file with a lot of pre-designed graphic calls to action. Now I don't know about you but for me Powerpoint is very easy to work with. I had not considered if for graphics but it really does the trick in a pinch. Here are some of the designs I lifted from the PowerPoint pages.





So, if you need a quick graphic call to action - this is not a bad idea if you have Microsoft office. PS: I lifted the graphics off the powerpoint files with snagit...another helpful tool for the graphically challenged!