Rank From 4th Page to First Page In TWO HOURS!

Internet Marketing

This has only happened to me a couple of times but before I closed the book on my last blog, I went back on the web to confirm the search engine ranking positions for my site relative to "Internet Marketing Dayton Ohio". As you know, if you read the last blog, I was ranking at 36 and all of the other ranking factors were pointing in that vicinity as well.

Here is the ranking report that instigated this entire blog. It has me at position 24. When I ran a physical search, I was at position 36.

Now, whether this position sticks is another story. I'll still have to check back but it's mind boggling how quickly this can happen on an active site. Think of it this way. If current news is just hitting the web, Google would not wait weeks to post it. If your site is active, you get the same response! Here's the current search with a clean - clear web browser.

Today is STILL November 12. 5:21 PM (I'm smiling).