The SEO Value Of Blogging

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I almost forgot about this! Toward the end of July I blogged about ranking for SEO Agency Dayton Ohio. I wasn't quite making it to the first page and wanted to fix that. I tell my clients all the time that blogging is the answer if done correctly. Did I have to eat my words? You be the judge!

The four top results are paid ads... so that doesn't count.

In the last blog, when I ran the search for this, there were no Google MAPS results and I was on the second page.

Today (August 10th, 2017) my site ranks 2nd in MAPS and 2nd organically.

To prove it was the blog that did it, I also started checking the ranking for my site against that keyword. Note the jump on Bing too. Before you dismiss Bing, remember that every PC with Windows 10 has Bing as the default search for Microsoft Edge and Cortana - and XBox.