Web Consultant Dayton Ohio

in Internet Marketing

Searching for a Web Consultant? Why? The digital age has reduced the globe to the size of your smart phone. You can find anything and anyone in the confines of a box that is about 6"x3"x.25". And when you have that kind of access, what is going to determine your choice? I would argue that what will make the difference is this...


A person who is looking for a web consultant is looking for someone who is accessible and available by phone (at least). Or even lunch or over a beer or coffee. IF the search term includes a location like "Dayton Ohio" that person is screaming for a relationship with a solid LOCAL consultant who's willing to share ideas. There is nothing inside that tiny box you're holding in your hand that replaces a real conversation over breakfast, or coffee or even on the golf course.

You get to bounce ideas off that person. Having a real conversation and brainstorming session is something that you will find very difficult to do in a Google search box and until you get to have a real conversation with the person at the other end, you feel like you're taking somewhat of a risk.

There are some trends on the web that will help you develop a relationship without a physical meeting with your prospective buyers. Facebook, YouTube and Twitter now all support live streaming. I LOVE this form of media! Why? It is typically an off-the-cuff, unscripted sharing of information. Questions come at you as you're talking and you get to answer them in real time. You can also save the live stream for those who weren't able to join and I'm finding the content just as credible though you miss out on the live interaction. I am looking at ways to embrace live streaming in my own business and I suggest you do the same.

That said, even live streaming will not replace the value of an actual meeting. I know it may sound strange coming from a digital marketing person but if you're not involved in developing real relationships with real people, your digital buys will cost you .... even the ones you went with because they were cheaper. I've seen all of the set-it-and-forget-it web marketing strategies and there's always some nuances they don't account for. They almost never deliver on the hype you thought your were investing in.

So... let's talk. We are your local internet marketing consultant helping our clients "Outrank Their Competition".