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Our definition of selling:
Selling is the process of converting a prospect who needs your products and services into a customer.
If you consider your website to be an extension of your selling process, a blog should be considered the hub of your online marketing process. This will help you understand the role of the blog. We have a very simple definition of marketing:

Marketing is the process of bringing prospective clients into the sales process.

Small businesses are baraged with "you need to this" and "you need to do that"; "you need a blog", "you need to publish articles", "you need a newsletter", "you need links", "you need to be on social media", "you need to publish press releases".  It's no wonder there's a mass of confusion out there!

What if we told you this: "You only need to blog". We'll do the rest! We can blog for you too, but honestly, blogging done right has the personality unique to the business. The business owner sets the tone and the message. We'd rather coach the blogger, than write the blog. Once the blog is established, our content marketing services kick in by creating feeds to the major social media sites: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and YouTube. Once established, all these sites are updated automagically when you submit a new blog.

Your blog will also have sharing links so that readers can bookmark your blog on their favorite bookmarking or social media sites. Readers can also interact directly with your blog via comments. Blog content can be spun-off into articles that give your website even further reach. Blog content is highlighted and summarized in the newsletter you said you were going to do two years ago. I hope you're starting to get the picture. A blog entry taking you as little as ten minutes can reach hundreds of people instantly.

Blogging is the hub of your content marketing solution. The 50Bubbles solution will make your blogging efforts stand-out and reach the right audience.