What If Google Were a Social Media Site?

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Do you think Facebook will be the last best social media site? Where is Facebook weak? How about Facebook for business. As Facebook for business is really picking up steam, do you think Google will just sit there and let it happen? I never even thought to ask that question until I went to Google today and typed in my own business in a search. Google has a way of introducing things that sneak up on you. You know they're seething over the fact that nobody actually uses Google+. So what might they do about that?

I have been posting on Google business page for a while now. It's a relatively new feature that is dirt simple and offers free ad exposure. Insert a picture, some text and a link and your done. I have about 13 of these. You have to keep up with it because each one expires in a week. Today I added a new one with the text as simply: "Web Design". I then Googled 50Bubbles to check the ad and make sure everything was good and whoa!!! ALL of my ads came up in white-box fashion scrolling down the page. 

Beyond the fact that this is really cool, it leads me to think that Google isn't quite done with combining your social experience on Google Search. 

Think about it. What else could Google add to this stream of posts? Your Business reviews for example. Let's say this was a timeline. Business reviews could show up in this flow of ads. If Google and Facebook were buddies, how cool would it be to have your Facebook Business Page news feed show up like this when someone searched for your company, products and services directly on Google. 

I don't think Google is done with this and I'm excited to see what's next. Jump on this, start posting on your Google Business page. It could be the next social media boom.