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Should You be Selling a Product or a Service?

I'm having this conversation with an employee of a very large company. They sell access to a database of information. As an outside observer watching this company make the transition from U.S. call centers to a move overseas, it is clear that this company is shortsighted AND short changing it's employees.

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How You Search Changes Who Delivers The Results

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If you watch the latest Google commercials on TV, everyone is searching from their phones. They are actually typing in searches. That is soooo yesterday!

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The Changing Search Landscape

in Google

Google is still the dominant search engine by a fair margin but as the interactive landscape changes, so too will the search engine market. Do you know which search engine Apples persona relies on? You can probably guess who Cortana uses. You might be shocked to know that Yahoo! has a search deal with Google!

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Sustainable SEO - And Local SEO Practices to avoid

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If you've spent any amount of time focusing on SEO in the last 3 years or so, you've seen a number of changes that have completely changed the landscape. Your SEO company may be giving you results today but are those results going to last? Here are some things local SEO companies are doing that could ruin your ranking results down the road.

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HTML5 vs. Flash

in Website Management YouTube

No, this isn't an argument for or against HTML5 or Flash. Depending on which side of the fence you're sitting, that argument is over. HTML5 wins. Technical superiority is not what the discussion is about either. All you need to know as a small business is that Flash is out! In case you didn't realize it, it could already be affecting you.

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This Google App Really Smells

I just saw this and had to share it. As much as I've had my head in Google, I'm surprised I hadn't heard about it. That's one interesting thing about Google. They really are low profile, low fanfare. And this app, still in beta, really smells.

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Your Listing is Not Claimed Spam Calls - and What To Do About Them

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I probably get 3-4 calls a week and I know my clients get these calls as well. The gist of it is that the caller either works for Google or is a Google agency and your business listing is unclaimed. Well, first of all, I can tell you that Google is not calling millions of businesses to help them claim their listing - BIG RED FLAG. BUT you can have Google call you if you need help claiming your business. Here's some advice on checking your own listing so you don't get scammed.

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It's Not Just Raining; It's Hailing - Bots Are Clobbering Your Analytics

in Google Analytics

This year has been especially bad for those who want to use their web analytics as a key metric for understanding their business. The growth in non-human traffic (bots) is staggering and multiplying. It's beyond a simple annoyance. At this point, if Google doesn't figure out how to prevent it from at least wrecking your analytics data, it may eventually destroy the whole content ranking process Google uses.

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From PC to Mac

in IT

I grew up with a PC. I had a Compaq luggable (remember those). I installed the first IBM PC ever to control a paper manufacturing process. I had one of the first color laptops ever on the market - it was really cool! And dark! and had a tiny screen - but it was color! And as I sit here, I'm typing this blog on my first MAC...and it's as exciting as my first color laptop.

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SEO is changing

in SEO

I guess it shouldn't be a surprise that SEO, like everything else on the web is changing. We've prided ourselves at staying on the leading edge of these changes and it's nice to see that some of what people are now saying are trending we have been saying for two years! I found this infographic and I think it's worth posting.

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