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The Google Mobile Penalty - Don't Blame Google!

in Local SEO Mobile sites

Google didn't create the need for mobile design - but they are responding to it and they're telling you that you need to as well. It really is time to take personal ownership of every touch-point that comes between your prospects and your business. The days of set-it-and-forget-it advertising are gone. If you yearn for the days when your ad was placed in the Yellow Pages and it looked like every other ad for the same business category and you sat back and answered the phone - then you might as well ride that dinosaur into the sunset...you're finished anyway.

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Links Still Matter

in Local SEO Linking

The latest Google algorithms penalized websites for "un-natural" linking characteristics and the truth is natural links are difficult to come by, especially for local business sites. But they are NOT impossible. All things being equal, you will kick the pants off your competitor's website if you do this.

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Using the Margins in Web Design

in Web Design Web Development

One of the best reasons for using a boxed website design is judicious use of the margins. As monitors get wider, the websites get fancier, the trend is to fill up the space with content and graphics. You may be doing yourself a disservice.

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The Silent (but NOT Sleeping) Giant

in Amazon

There are four dominant companies in the tech world. Most people will think of three immediately - Google, Apple, Microsoft. Can you name the fourth? It's not Facebook or Twitter or any other social media company but in many ways it offers ALL of these capabilities.

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Rank Fast and Often - Blog Sense

in Blogging SEO

It's fascinating to me how quickly I can get a page ranked on Google. I'm not bragging here, sometimes it's downright tough! But the things that improve your ability to rank are not necessarily the things a local SEO guru can provide as a service. YOU have to want it. Here's a case in point from my own site, down to the exact detail - you'll soon see that there's no hocus pocus here, just brute force.

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Chromecast vs. Roku vs. AppleTV vs. Everything else

in Google hardware

I decided to venture outside my usual blogging sphere and discuss Google Chromecast. I have a SmartTV in my living room and even so, I have connected to it a DVD player, a ROKU box and a Chromecast. And they all have specific uses not served by the other devices. I guess we still have not met the world where everything converges into a single device.

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Detecting Hacked Sites with Google Webmaster Tools

in Website Management

I'm getting 3-4 inquiries a month because of a businesses site being hacked. This is an issue that will only get worse! If you have a Word Press site, you are particularly vulnerable if for no other reason, Word Press is targeted because of its sheer numbers. By some estimates almost 50% of websites are Word Press. Word Press or not, you need to know if someone has compromised your website.

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Blogging Your Newsletter

in Content Blogging Content Marketing

HEY! NEWSFLASH! Nobody reads your blog! It's not THEIR fault? Who wants to read about plumbing experiences, my latest dental exploits, what's new in the world of landscaping or heaven forbid, what Google did yesterday to screw up your SEO results! So why blog?

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Web Management is BETTER than SEO

in Content

Everybody seems to want a quick fix and traditionally paying for SEO services has yielded really good results. I sell SEO services. Why would someone like me tell you NOT to buy SEO services?

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The Monster That Google Created

in Local SEO Google Organic Search

When the original founders of Google left Yahoo, they left with a big idea that would literally change the world-wide-web. The simplest thing in the world - seemingly - left in its wake a huge path of destruction. If you're wondering why Google is changing their algorithms it's simply a matter of looking at the beast they created. I'm am one of those beasts. : )

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