What Pinball Can Teach You About Business

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Pinball seems lost on the younger set mostly because of the instantaneous access to handheld Nintendo’s and home video games. But to many of us pinball is nostalgic retreat. I saw pinball evolve from those old wooden machines with a few bumpers to some pretty amazing stuff. No joke, I have played pinball at least 10 thousand times. Most of that was with friends in college every day after classes. We had a pinball machine in the dorm. If you play pinball, my favorite was Black Knight, one of the best multi-ball machines to have ever existed.

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Keeping Up With Change or How To Remain Unpredictable

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I am Google's biggest competition. Without the slow steady progress and 1st page placement my clients enjoy and have come to rely on, they would be relegated to the average, me-too, I'm nobody placement of those who don't consider SEO important.

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Hacked Websites - Why I Avoid Wordpress For Web Development

Web Design WordPress Web Development

I don't mind saying it... if you want a site designed in Wordpress, go somewhere else. My clients do NOT find it easy to maintain, add/edit/delete pages, add video, etc. But worse, every wannabe web designer is using WordPress because they have a very low cost entry into that market. BUT, I don't think most website owners understand the risk they take when building a website with a buddy they know that knows computers really well... There's more too it than that!

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Pick Two – The Heart of Giving What the Client Is Asking For

Small Business

Relative to what your customer buys. If you’re the customer, you’re in the market for a particular product that satisfies a need or want. Your needs revolve around three different parameters. Time: How soon do you want it delivered? Price: What is the lowest price you can negotiate for it? Quality: How good will it be. Here’s the rub…you only get to pick two!

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5 Reasons To Blog


A lot of my clients stumble at the prospect of blogging. It's really the one thing they need to be doing that I can't do for them. Blogging is personal and very relevant to what you are as a business. You don't ask your dentist to give your client a sales pitch and you shouldn't ask anyone not directly connected to your bottom line to blog for you. Here are five simple things to blog about.

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Google Optimization - What Color Hat Are You Wearing?

Local SEO Google SEO

Google wants organic. Businesses don't have time to wait for that. So, SEO firms are hired to expedite the "organic" growth of a website. Well, then, that's not organic anymore right? Well, sort of. Few businesses make it without some form of marketing effort especially when starting up. Google wants to encourage honest hyperlinking. Not every hyperlink is honest. What used to be considered "white-hat" SEO is quickly becoming "black-hat" SEO. Here's how to know the difference.

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Google and Change


We saw huge changes last year in Google algorithms. If you're not paying attention, you could be dropping in the search engines like a rocket! If there's one constant when it comes to Google, it's change.

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The 50bubbles.com Top 5 Website Requirements for 2014

Mobile sites Web Design Interactive Marketing Email Marketing

Technology is moving at a very rapid pace and many website owners are finding they are behind the times. Here are our top five website requirements that every website must have to meet today's consumer standards:

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Review Exchanges - Improving Your MAPS Ranking

Google MAPS

Link exchanges have been common practice among website owners. For obvious reason, Google likes links. Google also likes reviews and this is just one way to improve your ranking in Google MAPS and help your fellow businesses.

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Predicting Search Trends and Understanding Google's Vision

Google Google hardware

Search, as you know it, will diminish. www.google.com traffic will begin to decline. Cable content providers like TWC will start to decline as internet content takes over. Here’s how to take advantage of these trends now. I’m not predicting the demise of Google, far from it! Search will find you… you won’t have to search SEO will still be a necessity (it doesn’t matter how the search is conducted…it just matters that you show up in the search). Here’s how Google will thrive!

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